Steer Davies Gleave Prize

Steer Davies Gleave Prize for System Dynamics

The aim of this prize is to promote the use of System Dynamics to address real-world problems, and to raise awareness of System Dynamics by publicising examples of such good work. It is awarded for the best application of System Dynamics to a problem of significant interest in the UK. The work should demonstrably improve understanding of the problem by, for example, clarifying the definition of what is at issue and allowing possible solution to be formulated and tested.

The work and any resulting model should, so far as is reasonably possible, be grounded in empirical data and evidence. It should also be substantially new work, not the result of applying an existing model, and have been carried out in the last two years.

The prize consists of a plaque, and, in the interests of publicising good work, assistance from the Steer Davies Gleave marketing team in getting press releases about the work and the prize placed in the press and other media.

The prize is open to anyone living or working in the UK.

Candidates should submit a short report describing the challenge, the nature of the current debate about that challenge, how the issue was formulated using system dynamics, the conclusions that could be drawn from the work, and how the use of System Dynamics advanced understanding of the challenge.

Wherever possible a working simulation model should also be submitted, in one of the standard simulation languages (Vensim, Powersim, Ithink).

Each piece of work submitted will be judged on its own merits, but evidence that the work has influenced a wide audience is especially welcome. This might range from letters or articles in the press through to real-world decisions and actions.

Entries should be submitted to by e-mail. The closing date for the next prize submission is the 13th of January 2012. The winning submission is chosen by the Policy Council of the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society and announced at the next annual Gathering, usually held in the following February.

At the discretion of the Policy Committee, press notices may be issued describing the winning submissions.

For further information, contact John Swanson


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